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Monday, October 24, 2011

make life simple as you can

life is something that you can conclude as simple thing. sometimes it can be very hard to understand. but all that happen around you have it own reason. me, myself sometimes feel doubt if too many obstacles that i need to face. but just be calm and soon u will be capable with it . pray to God for give way , give strength and calm for yourself. let story begin . it about me, friend and people surround me . it might be someone that close to me, my besties or anybody. what did u feel if someone try to be the best among the best but the way she did is same like she betray you? it hurt right? even you are my friend, but please don't do something that make me hate u . i don't like to hate people but if u like to, it ok with me. she like to take opportunity that come the her without think about others. HEY BABE, WE ARE YOUR GROUP MEMBER. please be TEAMWORK ! you are not little young kids that don't know anything about this. your act make me sick of you ! everything you want even you know that not yours . open up your eyes. don't take something that not you