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Thursday, January 26, 2012

| L O V E |

my inbox got 1 msg . well.. see who it is .
ohhh. a FRIEND of mine. name-secret- :)
greet me as usual and ask me what mean by LOVE.
why do you ask me? do I look too expert about it.
gagagagagaggagagaga !
then i'm answer him 
love?? L O V E is a feeling that we can feel about it and be happy. everyone must have love inside their life. love to God,family, friends and everyone they know. but if between a girl and a boy, the feeling is different. if you LOVE someone, you will keep think about that someone no matter what. each time you miss her even she in front of you because you afraid to losing her. but its depend on how much LOVE that you can stand. some people love for a while, for fun and for place to be happy. 
*copy from FB :D

maybe i am right ! but different people have their own meaning.
some find love to have sex
some find love to enjoy
some find love to be happy
some find love to be their soul-mate

share LOVE so you can be happy
share your experience with others 
don't be shy to fall in love because 
GOD give that feeling to you so you will be thankful !