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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


3 names in your inbox.
Celcom - ruiz, fiqry and my housemate,Deena
Maxis - hugelan, altaher and nyika

Your ringtone.
Nokia phone : Havana Brown ft. Pitbul -we run the night ...*everyday im shufflin* lols !
Sony phone : Danza Koduro :) 

What you did at 12 last night?
Edit my picture with him, looking at our pic and listen to music <3

Who was the last person you hangout with? Where?
Deena , my housemate. we when to Angkasa Condo for some shooting with my engineering friends :) *1st time shooting make me feel tired ! 

The colour of the t-shirt you're wearing now/
Black singlet ( what for actually) hahhahaa

The last thing you did.
Answering this question so I can fall asleep :D

3 of your everyday favourite item.
Handphone, Laptop and my soulmate's shirt ( without it, i can't sleep )

The colour of your bedroom.
Which bedroom? KL/hometown? ahhaaa.. if in KL, white (too dull for me ) but my decoration is all BLACK AND WHITE \m/ rock !!

How much money in your purse now?
rm5 if i'm not mistaken :(

How's life?
Awesome because i am doing nursing and i like it. Friends, my love and everything. Sometimes it hard but LIFE is always like that !

Your favourite song.
Rock, metal and sometime slow music :)

What will you do next?
Resume my lappy, hear to some music, reading novel and try to sleep ! .

When was the last time you saw your mum?
Last 05/01/2012 when she sent me to airport .. ohmaiii. i miss her too much!

Where is she now?
Home. sleeping maybe :)

Who is the last that talk to you last night?
My love, Ruiz Jikong :3

Where did you have dinner last night?
My hostel :) i cook myself ok ~~

The last suprise you got.
i can't remember.if not mistaken , last year , granpa bring me to KLCC.. :)

Last thing you borrowed from your friend.
Panadol ~~ haahhaa.. because i have headache ( thank Lenny, my other housemate )

Who is your bf / gf ?
Mr. Red Paradise :)

What do you feel now?
Boring, missing my hometown, my mum, my love and all! 

Who knows your secret?
My housemate, Deena and my besties.

They keep your secret?
Yeah, offcourse ~ and that why i love them :3

Are you angry with someone?
Yup.! MAYBE.

What do you order at McD?
Spicy chicken mcdeluxe! nyummmmm ~~ I'm craving ~~~ :((

The last time you feel sad?
Now.because my granpa will leaving Malaysia soon so no one will understand me nore :(

Wanna share with who?
Anyone who wanna to take it ~ :D

bla2~~ answering this question is same as i sit for my exam ! lols ~~

now i can smile ^_______^

when say about SMILE , people might ask you what are u thinking of.
smile doesn't mean you need to think about something.
It about expression of our feeling
thank God my Mr. Right call me, texting me and SKYPE with me!
my God. how i can express my internal feeling.
i'm kinda happy even deep inside my of heart was crying and otw to dying. *jus for joke man~ *

i don't care when he ask me why i was crying..
telling him the truth also he wont be able know what exactly i am
better I fuck off my mouth .
i was crying infront thee webcam.
with my running nose and my headache ( headache make me fuck)
the only thing i care about is my feeling.. my love for him
he the ONLY one in my heart.
if people ask, who do u love, like and interest .
HAHAHHAHA. i just can laugh to rolling deep !!
how can i describe? yeahh ..\m/ i can!
WHAT I INTEREST: no one =.=

that was my answer.. like and love is different thing.
Love is a force of nature. However much we may want to, we can not command, demand, or disappear love, any more than we can command the moon and the stars and the wind and the rain to come and go according to our whims ( COPY AND PASTE )

so boy and girls, don't be play with your heart babe :)