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Otak berfikir mulut bercakap tangan menulis. Kata-kata pujangga sekadar hiasan hati pada duka lara.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

now I know to follow the RULE !

i can be Rock and i can be Emo but i won't be back stabber . :D

Today is the first day i'm posting in Medical Ward.
It's been quite long am not posting there.
Not bad, a wonderful ward and many procedure I can get.
but the bad is I can't get enough memory to differentiate every CI have different way.
WE are student. Imagine how many term/way we need to remember if all CI have different perception.
Yes, for sure we follow the way lecturer thought in class.
I am not too rude but i just voice out loud my opinion.
Student also have their right to speak. we are human being.

I can follow the rule but please don't get me to confuse.
I hate to be scolded and i hate when people shout at me in public.
I can show my patient in front of you but
for remember, I can revenge everything. 
don't care how much people advice me not to revenge but what i care.
as long as i'm satisfied with what had i done :D 

now, it's time for me to go bed.
Tomorrow may be a 'great' day with 'good' assignment.
Student life is a worth if we can make it lovely.
Be patient and make yourself happy as much as you can.

Even been scold and been ask too much question but i still can laugh.
laugh and make joke with my lovely and funniest babes, Lenny and Deena.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


that the only word i can said for tonight.
whole day walking here and day to spend my money for clothes :D
i wish i afford to buy all of the clothes.
first we go Midvaley by taxi *actually i hate KTM * RM10.00
not bad .then go round round. we choose FOS ! yeeyy. the most heaven place to shopping.
then we decide to buy shoes for ladies..
too bad Midvaley mall is not suitable for teens like us. it's too CHEAP !
get what i mean?
 after that we make a decision to go Berjaya Times Square that quite far from there.
then took taxi again, RM15. :( need to choose that way c0z KTM is crowded by people.

this is heaven. there, we enter FOS once again and finally Lenny bought her shoes. :)
and me? YES . but not ladies attire. at night, we go Karoeke until 9pm.
but seriously i am full.i mean my stomach. i ate 3 times !
1. blackpepper cuttlefish
2. fish fillet burger with cheese *i don't like cheese
3. ayam penyet !
here some photos we took from this wonderful day, 24/03/2012
me, with FOS :D

lenny, with her pose that can't make me trolling !
this is MINE !! TOTALLY heaven. ahahha..

our shoes.. u will know which is mine :D

new necklace !!!

lennt's items.. not bad as many as mine. ahhaa

Saturday, March 17, 2012


To be someone who always be kind, be good and be perfect is hard
But that always happen to us
We try to make our self perfect as much as we can
It's not easy
Try to duplicate others 
It happen to myself last few years.
but it doesn't work. 
for what am trying to be others but that not my self?

for me, my bad is i don't like to be honest. 
am not honest when people who admire me, like me so much and he don't know am in relationship
holy shit, i can't tell the truth.
i don't like that 'someone' being sad or feel down because of me
but today unfortunately , i need to be honest. 
he need to know everything. 
it's depend onto him whether want to be friends of mine or just forget about it
if 'someone' read this, i am sorry for not telling you the truth when we know each other on that day
it's not my purpose to do so. i afraid of losing something valuable in my life especially friends.

appreciate the gift from GOD

my 1 year 9 month anniversary with him, MR. KONTOT aka DINASOUR
thanks God for giving this gift for me.

he might be my friends before and might be annoying person that i ever know
but at last you give me light to accept him and give him chance to win my heart <3
i year being his love is a wonderful moment for me :)

to m dear Mr. Dinasour ,
thanks so much for loving me this much.
you are the 3rd calm person who can stay in my heart after my mom and my dad
i am stubborn girl, freaking annoying
and everything bad is in myself
but you the only one who can be calm with this
i know you are not kind of romantic guy.
but the first present you give me, the cutest teddy
i really appreciate it.
even you can make surprise party for me
i know sometime you feel you can't stand with this
but you still keep trying 
and keep patient
thanks sayang :3

i wish i can connect like this with you everyday :D

Friday, March 16, 2012

let's rest babeyh ..

sudahlah menatap laptop yang tegar memberi khidmat kepada diri ini
cukuplah menelaah di muka buku, twitter, tumblr dan sebagainya. 
berikan masa
berikan ruang..
untuk semuanya berehat.
saat untuk tenangkan minda 
kembali ke dunia khayalan kini menjelma.
Tuhan, permudahkan tidurku supaya aku mampu kembali cergas seperti dahulu

selamat malam semua.
sweet dreams.
love you all <3


mengapa aku lagi ?

Kulari ke hutan kemudian teriakku
Kulari ke pantai kemudian menyanyiku
Sepi, sepi dan sendiri aku benci
Aku mau bingar, aku mau di pasar
Bosan aku dengan penat
Dan enyah saja engkau pekat
Seperti berjelaga jika kusendiri
Pecahkan saja gelasnya biar ramai!
Biar mengaduh sampai gaduh!
Aih… ada malaikat menyulam
Jaring laba-laba belang di tembok keraton putih
Kenapa tak goyangkan saja loncengnya biar terdera
Atau aku harus lari ke pantai belok ke hutan… 

melihat ke bintang dan berfikir sejenak.
mampukah aku bertahan kalau kehidupan sebegini rupa?
TIDAK ! aku harus teruskan.
bukan mudah untuk aku mengalahkan.
kadang-kadang aku renung sejenak. 
mengapa aku di timpa masalah tanpa henti ?
Tuhan tidak sayang aku atau aku terlalu banyak dosa?

tapi aku tetap berdoa kepadaNya.
dari Dia la aku datang dan dari Nya la aku akan kembali
hati aku terlalu kecil untuk menerima semua ini.
untuk menerima segala cacian, dugaan dan kritikan.
perasaan aku bagaikan diguris.
yang mampu memberi sejuta tanda tanya kenapa aku begini.
kalau cinta, mungkin juga..
kalau persahabatan, ya mungkin juga..

aku tak mampu untuk menerima HAKIKAT . kenapa hanya MR. RIBENA,  
aku pasrah.
aku tidak mampu untuk hadapi semua.
begitu besar impaknya di hati ini.
sedangkan hati aku sudah dihiasi taman oleh seorang insan 
yang menerima aku seadanya,
menerima keegoanku,
menerima karenah keanak-anakan ku.

sejak itu aku berfikir sejenak.
alangkan indah kalau tanpa cinta di hati.
tapi dek cemburu dengan makhluk Tuhan di muka bumi,
semua berebut untuk mengejar cinta itu.
cinta yang orang fikir mampu bahagiakan setiap insan.
betul kah ? *tepuk dada tanya selera