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Otak berfikir mulut bercakap tangan menulis. Kata-kata pujangga sekadar hiasan hati pada duka lara.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

: mode of study is around !

  • FINAL is around . but im still feel in not ready .. huh!! pliz2~~ aiya ..wat to do. when open my book, my eyes will feel to CLOSE up ! MALAS2! y hah? adoooooooooo =-= .wake up bren! study ! exam is around the CORNER . make changes to achieve FLYING COLOR ! huh.. make ur parents proud of u! 
  • a&p is one of subject that make me sick1 so difficult to make me understand the term ! sumtime i feel SUCK with nursing. but i can't ! i choose this job ~~ i must SUCCESS IN MY STUDY ! 2 YEARS MORE ! chaiyo bren!!! dun give up yeah !! 

its me when im bored and want to feel HOT! hehe

Thursday, March 24, 2011

=*= diZZineSS lol !

  • lets story begins .. today?? urgh .. pay day ! happy . ! but need to save money for next2 weeks. :)) well.. as know,,bila dah nmpk duit,wo!  xsedr dunia u . hahaha .. mula2 we go karaoke ler ! fun u  $$ 2 jam ! xpenh2 lama gya ..melalak2 bh mek 2 dina. hahhaaa ...m0k pecah dah ak tekak towk terkiak kaung ! hahahhaha .. p tetp bes wa la. puas blgu ..:) then i miss masa jamming ngn ball band kt kpg. u guys fun but .. we dah xserapt dlok. well.. da2 jk maslh nk.. :( pa2 p0n i ttp ingt ngn u all.. k2 . back to story . kakya g giant ! shooping? no la.. just WINDOW SHOPPING  ! hahhaa.. jln pnya jln ahernya ------------------------yah ! hairdryer ! i bought it u :: happy i.. dah lm idam bnda tok. hahahaha ++paloi bh idam bnda ya . kakakaa .. p dah mnta permission my sis k .:D she give green lite ! huuray ! jap2~ lp mok mesan. bulan tok i dah mula saving plan ! hah . sound funny but i have to! mn x , smpei bila mok kawen? hihihi:)) kenja! msti bsabr n BERJIMAT!! ingt bren ! jgn lawn perinth k ! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

* brain nid rest *

auuuuummmmmmmm .. sleepy2 !! y?? well. guess wat? 

  • my roomate n I having supper! hahaa.. feel hungry lo.. all the day we just ate maggi mee.. huhu..;"( miskin ler .. now, just open my AnP bok in front of LAPPY ! wat?! how can i styd if like this. :)) sorry to say la.. mata mmg hadap lappy la. hii< bsy bc blog org n edit2 mine > ^^ 2 more weeks for FINAL, OSCE n POSTING . aiya .. final make me sick. im very stressful if think about it. uh ! pliz stay away from my life exam
but if no exam, how u know ur level ? hahhahaa.. plik wak nk? kakakakkaa..:)).. ssnnghnya exam tu pntg la. hhihihi..:) CHAIYOK2 BREN !! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

:: my work done !

for my 1st time my work is done ! for AnP subject .. hahaha .. on this is my 1st day im not slept in the evening .. thanx God, SIK terpengaruh dgn MY ROOMATE , DEY_NA  .. hahaa .. well.. every day she will slept and im ADDICTED !! owh ..p/s : sorry friend .. :)) even u make me addicted but u r my besties PORET ! hehehe ..
about AnP :::: i don noe y im excited to do my work . then i finally finish it at 10 .. hehehe .. wat a great job for me .. usually im NOT FINISHED it .. it sucking difficult  . hahaa ... but im still obsess with my mark.. ush ! im thinking what mark i get! tomorrow maybe we will get the result ! hah ! believe me that I WILL SHAKING ..< lyke a pop ice > hahahhahhahhaa ..... 

gud job for me ! ^_^

mother  ... always at my side when im happy or sad .. thanx mom for helping me to cope my problem ! u r the best mom i haver had ! no one can replace u in my life ( even Ruiz ) =)  .. i miss my mom ! mom,, come here and stay with me at cheras!!