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Sunday, February 27, 2011

:: im tired !

im tired update my blog . omg ! it seem not easy to business with internet.. many things to browse. here n dey .. huh!! thnx my friend, PRES ~~ coz helping n teach me to edit my blog. haha .. what should i do in this evening??

  1. doing my nursing problem ..! gosh ! hate it.. i don lyke sem 2.  know y? bcoz i nid to assess here n there.. i suck men.. asking here and there make people more sick.. hahahahaha..:D .. but for this case, i nid to do! TASK FROM PROF !! if not?? maybe i got punished ..i just imagine what will i get.....1st: she will call me to her room.. 2nd: i ran away from college.. hahahhaa.. :D .. how if she an run to catch me ? OMG !! who know rite.. hahahhaa.. 3rd : i give warning from her .. as conclude ...I MUST DO HOMEWORK !! =))

hahhhaahaa.. lyke my stuff ! :))
  1. listen to music :: :D it fun ! it make me FRESH ! hahaha.. now, im feel in LOVE wif BRUNO MARS ! i hope he will know about it. hahah .;) cool rite???
p/s : sorry my hbby ~~im feel in love with other guy .. hahahhaah ....:) ...

  • urgh.. tomorrow ? i have to complete my importnt task ~  SECRET !!! but.. wha should i tell FISH about it? oh ! help me God !! 

ok ... i have to go now .. doing some my stuff. ! :) last but not least .. to my beloved : bby love u so much hunny !! no matter what n where i am ! how far we are, my heart still want you and waiting for you !!! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

:: toink2 ~~~

  • aish || so bored la diz time. dunno wat to do... it raining n i dun hv mood to watch TV.. it seem long tyme im not write in my blog. well.. busy wig assignment here and there ..many stuff to do.. exam?? it already past liaw.. just waiting 4 my result. hope it great !ahax !