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Friday, August 26, 2011

sorry for everything ...

i am sorry again for everything .. yes. i know it my fault ! i told u not to love me so much but u still do it..GUYS, stop loving me. the main point i want to express is, dont love me if i dont love u ..
dont MISINTERPRET wht i am saying. maybe i just like u as my friends. really shit if all guys think im their gf. i am not a bitch ! please ..
i will say the truth if i cnt stand wif u . sorry if i hurt u . but really i cnt alive with someone that think they are too perfect.! K0 TEWK KACAK ! yah... kaka sarawak dh ku t0wk deng ..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

exam .. go faster !

exam ..
this year seem too hard for me to understand and get ready for exam .. Oh my God. plis give strength :(
i try my best .. to stdy and understand some term. hope i will vomit it back during exam.
sometimes i feel jealous when my friend stdy and they remember very well.. but me? some i can. but if about drug, ow.. sorry.. application is not available.:) hhahhaa
why i cant love pharmaco? why? why?
tomorrow i will see how much i understand what im stdy . just pray to the God n remember all..
now. time for me to do revision on pharmaco..*sigh *
gudluck for exam tomorrow my dear fellow friends ... especially nursing students of ucsi =)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bl00d test ? sh0uld i ?

when talk ab0ut blo0d test, pepal might think why sh0uld i d0 ..
actually am afraid t0 myself.. last week, (Friday) is the last day i have p0sting in serdang hosp.
then 0n tht day i had severe migrain. then i decide t0 check f0r further inf0 abt my pr0b.
3min after mt the d0c, i was s0 depressed. d0c was saying am having nosocomial infecti0n! am s0 suprise n sh0ck..
he als0 remind me t0 d0 CT scan if i still hving headache f0r next 1weeks ..:( Oh My God,, save me.. i need u n0w. i dont kn0w h0w i can stand.. :(
after tht , i t0ld my special friend , then he ask me t0 be calm . n trust am will be 0k. yeah . i easy t0 say relax. but inside my heart, i was s0 stress . then i told the 0ther special fren . my prince charming.. n0w he f0rcing me t0 d0 bl00d test.. sh0uld i? he want the real result what im suffering n0w.
everytime i ate,, i will v0mit it n g0 t0ilet f0r B0.. really make me w0rried .. n make me cry somtimes. . im w0rrried. !
dear G0d, help me.. give me strength t0 confront this challenge 0f life.

p/s : ilovemym0m ! i miss u m0m..:(

Monday, August 15, 2011

eat & v0mit it !

exam is near the c0rner. . . but wht have i d0ne f0r preparati0n???? uhmmmmmm 10% mAYBE ! hahaha..  n0t bec0z am lazy but am easy t0 f0rgt. shit ! wht sh0uld i d0 then ? s0me0ne t0ld me, 'TRY T0 STDY SMART N0T HARD DEAR " . :) I jus keep smiling & try t0 change .. i really d0nt kn0w wht can i d0 n0w. i must chnge myself bef0re pe0ple chnge me..:) every time i saw my friend/my bel0ved stdy, i alwys thinking when will d0 the same..
p/s: bren bren ~~ st0p playing. f0cus 0n ur stdy .! rember ur m0m ! n ur future !

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

confuse =_=

- when talk ab0ut c0nfuse, what sh0uld i? but really i care ab0ut it :) when we care ab0ut s0me0ne, just admit it and d0nt menti0n it when it t00 late. when it t00 late, u can't change everything. even u are t00 stubb0rn, try t0 sh0w it up. even u t00 eg0istic, try t0 make it simple. if u are not, THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH THAT SOMEONE SUFFERS.
not easy for someone to hate u. coz there still have feeling of l0ve . but believe me someone can't accept u that easy too. know y? bcuz do u think about SOMENONE when she cried, she hurt herself or watever? no ! if u do care, plis admit. dont be too selfish k.
now when S0MEONE have new S0METHING, she cant give answer for something . coz she still thinking about him. huh ! life. sometimes  not easy to get in. 
p/s f0r SOMETHING : s0metimes, we cannot assume somthing to happen. try to accept the truth and keep trying if still want that something :)
hahhahaa. sometimes my word make u guys confusing :) btw, thnx for reading :D

i wish i can her :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

lazy day !

today, 06/08/11 . im very lazy ! haahhaa.. even im n0t  c0ming t0 class. hahaha .. knw y? cuz my feeling is wif my p0sting.. i cnt g0 class if im n0t well prepared :) 
: s0rry mr.subra, im n0t g0 f0r ur class :D peace y000 ..

well.. wat i supp0sed t0 d0 t0day ? 0kie. let me plan it. 1st tidy up my r00m,, 2nd tidy da kitchen area ! yeah :) i wil wif my sister  . :D hahaaa.. my sis esah :) she wil d0 wif me.. 

umm.. wat wil i said.. im very lazy  ! hahhaa. yeah. i nid rest! t0tally enuf rest. :) h0pe so . if n0t, i wil be T00 weak ! aishhhhh . i hate it..

okie . i hv to\0 g0 ! later wil updated :D mwargghh <3