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Sunday, July 24, 2011

here and there

suddenly i think about my hometown :( huhu .. really sad my m0m not at myside. if she d0es, yeah ..i might crying n0w :'( pepal says, when there r too mny test in ur life, GOd wat u t0 b brave n n0t give up. but y 0wes me be da victim?! please . st0p punishing me . wat my fault? i just d0 n0thing. 0kie? plus i dun noe y pepal 0wes make me sick ! i sick 0f pepal dat r t00 buzy b0dy ab0ut my stuff ! g0 away la. wat can u get? n0thing special ab0ut me . i juz 0rdinary pers0n same like u guys 
dz wat i mean !

when pr0bs c0mes , i getting t00 em0ti0nal. dat z me ! dun try t0 cl0se 0r play shit things wif me cuz i dun care n mayb i might slap ur face cuz TROUBLING my head twice . i will try t0 relax myself. n think p0sitive ab0ut everything happen. 

listen t0 music + try t0 f0rg0t

0kie. enuf f0r today . im slipy la :) nyte pips ! :))
p/s: dear granpa, thanx + s0rry . think wisely bef0re u act .

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