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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

confuse =_=

- when talk ab0ut c0nfuse, what sh0uld i? but really i care ab0ut it :) when we care ab0ut s0me0ne, just admit it and d0nt menti0n it when it t00 late. when it t00 late, u can't change everything. even u are t00 stubb0rn, try t0 sh0w it up. even u t00 eg0istic, try t0 make it simple. if u are not, THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH THAT SOMEONE SUFFERS.
not easy for someone to hate u. coz there still have feeling of l0ve . but believe me someone can't accept u that easy too. know y? bcuz do u think about SOMENONE when she cried, she hurt herself or watever? no ! if u do care, plis admit. dont be too selfish k.
now when S0MEONE have new S0METHING, she cant give answer for something . coz she still thinking about him. huh ! life. sometimes  not easy to get in. 
p/s f0r SOMETHING : s0metimes, we cannot assume somthing to happen. try to accept the truth and keep trying if still want that something :)
hahhahaa. sometimes my word make u guys confusing :) btw, thnx for reading :D

i wish i can her :)

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