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Monday, January 24, 2011

: WHO AM I ?? : once upon a tyme ....

  • im owes thinking about myself when im still little girl .. OMG ! it was a sad event in my life .. u noe y ?? lets me talk ...plz give attention yeah ! :) when im still young, i have nobody .. yes! im not lyke others who owez happy wif their fmly .. me? juz guess,,, i just hv my lovely mom n my sis .. i don hve father that should be responsible for my life! DAD,WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I REALLY NEED YOU? WHY U LET MOM ALONE TO CARE ABOUT ME?? WHY !!!!! ... every time i saw my cousins have fun with their dad, i wondering ..'where my dad? ' .. that time i don know anything .. i was a little girl! i never ask my mom ... i juz know when im start when to school.. during my report card day.. my teacher ask me, where your dad.. i never seen he sign any ur document .. then i went home .. n ask mom .. mom said 'me n ur dad had divorced' .. omg! i feel DOWN ! from that day, i never ask my mom bcoz i noe what my mom feel .... for me, mom is very strong women ! she care of me n my sis... she can care two of us even pain deep inside her heart ...MOM, I LOVE U SO MUCH ! I NEVER LET U DOWN.. I NEVER MAKE U sad .... I PROMISE MOM! for my sis thnx for care about me when im still young until i grow up ! thnx sis.. love u ! for my dad DAD, I KNOW ITS PAST BUT I NEVER STOP TRYING TO ASK WHY U LET ME ALONE?? I NEED U DAD!! DAD, I STILL LOVE U NO MATTER WAT! U STILL MY DAD RIGHT ... I HOPE U WILL HAPPY WITH ALL MY SUCCESS.. 
                                ~LOVE ,brensashabelle ~

  • for my hubby, pa, ma really love u!!! thnx for care n love me ..... < i never let u go > mwaarrgghh !

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