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Friday, February 25, 2011

:: toink2 ~~~

  • aish || so bored la diz time. dunno wat to do... it raining n i dun hv mood to watch TV.. it seem long tyme im not write in my blog. well.. busy wig assignment here and there ..many stuff to do.. exam?? it already past liaw.. just waiting 4 my result. hope it great !ahax ! # i miss my schoolmate ! when i was thinking back, schoolmate is better and more understanding and more mature than now ! huh ! im just express my feeling.. maybe for others, university life is good. yeah. it correct but for me, it have positive and negative ! how is your feeling when someone hurt u is your friend? IT SUCK ! hey! try to respect other before you want other to respect you k ! don't think that you are good enough to show that you are good girl k ! KISS MY ASS IF U THINK THAT ! if 1 day you feel down, don't think i will help you ! never say never ! 
         # im just pray that all my doubt is pay back for those make me down ! revenge is revenge .. i will do anything until im satisfy ! 

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