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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

:: my work done !

for my 1st time my work is done ! for AnP subject .. hahaha .. on this is my 1st day im not slept in the evening .. thanx God, SIK terpengaruh dgn MY ROOMATE , DEY_NA  .. hahaa .. well.. every day she will slept and im ADDICTED !! owh ..p/s : sorry friend .. :)) even u make me addicted but u r my besties PORET ! hehehe ..
about AnP :::: i don noe y im excited to do my work . then i finally finish it at 10 .. hehehe .. wat a great job for me .. usually im NOT FINISHED it .. it sucking difficult  . hahaa ... but im still obsess with my mark.. ush ! im thinking what mark i get! tomorrow maybe we will get the result ! hah ! believe me that I WILL SHAKING ..< lyke a pop ice > hahahhahhahhaa ..... 

gud job for me ! ^_^

mother  ... always at my side when im happy or sad .. thanx mom for helping me to cope my problem ! u r the best mom i haver had ! no one can replace u in my life ( even Ruiz ) =)  .. i miss my mom ! mom,, come here and stay with me at cheras!! 

owke ~~ dat all for today . im get tired n need a rest ! but i need to do one more thing ! IRON MY CLOTHES  . i hate it ! ..wasting my time  .. lol ! bye !! love from me : sashabelle =))
 p/s : ILY ruiz ~ my life and my heart just for u ! 

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