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Thursday, March 31, 2011

: mode of study is around !

  • FINAL is around . but im still feel in not ready .. huh!! pliz2~~ aiya ..wat to do. when open my book, my eyes will feel to CLOSE up ! MALAS2! y hah? adoooooooooo =-= .wake up bren! study ! exam is around the CORNER . make changes to achieve FLYING COLOR ! huh.. make ur parents proud of u! 
  • a&p is one of subject that make me sick1 so difficult to make me understand the term ! sumtime i feel SUCK with nursing. but i can't ! i choose this job ~~ i must SUCCESS IN MY STUDY ! 2 YEARS MORE ! chaiyo bren!!! dun give up yeah !! 

its me when im bored and want to feel HOT! hehe

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