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Thursday, April 7, 2011

::: what im looking for??

  • for what we think about someone that does not mean anything to u?? yeah.. my heart just full of love with ruiz ! but someone just appeaar in my life...1st of all, i like to apologise to ruiz if this make u sad. but i want tell the truth, let i know his name as FARISH HAKIMI .. not real name. well..he is my friend. yeah! but for he?? maybe as scandal. no no no ! my heart is not enuf for u ! hey buddy.u have ur gals.  just admit it k !! BOH NAK PIKEY KU MOK GILAK NGN KW BH.. TEGAL KW ENCEM ALU KW MK AMBK KU?? SORRRYYYYYYYYYYYY jak la.. gne2 ku bait or permh,, my love just for him lah.=)) since im not really layn him,he start to beware from me. DO I LOOK I CARE??fuck damn shit ! just stay aware from me bcoz i don 1 to know about it k ~~ go to hell man ! eksen2 la bait n nunggh2 syg. hey,nafsu ku x tgugat puwn  !! phm x hah?? nyesal ku gelar ko farish. nm ya lyk utk org bait2 jk k ! huh.. geram2!! i feel like to cincang2 him la..anyone help me plis?? hahahhahah :DD NOW,i hope don make trouble with my life buddy !! JUSt anggp me tok ur fren. not more than dat bh.!

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