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Thursday, April 7, 2011

:: mata sy mata panda !

exam week is really tired for me.. y? well..if exam come, im more curious n more afraid.. yeah! afraid.. damn2~~ how come.. come on bren.. don afraid.. just cool n stdy smart.NO ! stdy HARD !! hhahhahaha. dat my slogan.. just finish bout urine formation.can i continue to next topic?? opps!! my brain nid to rest now k..:D pity my brain..^_^ so.. enuf for today.. continue wth tmorow .:)) eny, i hve stry to share.. jsut now,im going out ! where? with abg long n cikgu ! well..its fun bcoz diz is my 1st time going out wif them..:)) for my frennz,ecah,i hope wat im done for today can make u happy ! :)) i know its really mean to u rite? keep it up.. as ur fren, i owes support u ! :DD go go go power rangers bh ^_^ btw,cikgu not bad! im taught he SOMBONG.. check2 rock,,MMG rock la ! hehe ..:) nice meet u cikgu >)

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