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Monday, May 30, 2011


  • when people ask you to do something , u must do it right? argh ! what should i write????????????? stress2  .. im not talking general about myself.. n i might talk about somebody else . i will be unpredictable girl but i sacrifice a lot for others' good .:) even im hurt inside but i must do it to make people like and i dun like to disappointed people . when im doing something, i must do it ! i love my friends  . n love everyone ..:3  

this what we shud b :D

  • for those outside, pliz appreciate what is around u .. dun appreciate after u regret something . its will hurt u more ! i was keep thinking about myself. until when i will sacrifice and that make me hurt?? urghh ..1day, i will !
  • do i a gal who have many secret to keep? well.. im wondering .. when i was sad, stress / not in mood ..people will ask, WHAT HAPPEN ?  and for sure i will answer IM OKEY .DUN WORRY AND I CAN HANDLE IT.. but the truth , i cnt ! i must nid somebody and tell anyone i trust .. until when i will keep it myself . pliz bren ! wakeup . dun make any mess with ur life .. :D 

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