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Thursday, June 16, 2011


today i feel something weird ... what kind of weird? uhmm.. i just realize sometime we not really appreciate what we have now. many things .. me ..especially .. i am a girl who hard to thankful for what i have now. yep ! even if i want something and i get it, i STILL not satisfy ..why?why?  huh .. hard to say . okie2.. let talk about what im think . WELL. whhy shud we still rmber abt the past? hah ! dat wat happen to me, can't forget wat had be passed. :( most of it i think about love ! aiishhhhhh .. even i owes think and motivate myself DON'T BOTHER ABOUT LOVE . FOCUS ON STUDY !! but y ? y ? 

p/s : to someone. i feel sorry and hope u will know y i feel like this. every time my finger want to CLICK someone profile or blog, i owes think abt u guys. even u guys just broke up. stupid bren ! i wont forgot abt u guys and all da memory cuz wat happen between u n her pwez occur in FRONT of my eyes ..but nevermind . just ignore it. i know wat i face nw.. i not afraid to die.. but i afraid to find death . 

im still oke !

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