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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bl00d test ? sh0uld i ?

when talk ab0ut blo0d test, pepal might think why sh0uld i d0 ..
actually am afraid t0 myself.. last week, (Friday) is the last day i have p0sting in serdang hosp.
then 0n tht day i had severe migrain. then i decide t0 check f0r further inf0 abt my pr0b.
3min after mt the d0c, i was s0 depressed. d0c was saying am having nosocomial infecti0n! am s0 suprise n sh0ck..
he als0 remind me t0 d0 CT scan if i still hving headache f0r next 1weeks ..:( Oh My God,, save me.. i need u n0w. i dont kn0w h0w i can stand.. :(
after tht , i t0ld my special friend , then he ask me t0 be calm . n trust am will be 0k. yeah . i easy t0 say relax. but inside my heart, i was s0 stress . then i told the 0ther special fren . my prince charming.. n0w he f0rcing me t0 d0 bl00d test.. sh0uld i? he want the real result what im suffering n0w.
everytime i ate,, i will v0mit it n g0 t0ilet f0r B0.. really make me w0rried .. n make me cry somtimes. . im w0rrried. !
dear G0d, help me.. give me strength t0 confront this challenge 0f life.

p/s : ilovemym0m ! i miss u m0m..:(

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