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Friday, August 26, 2011

sorry for everything ...

i am sorry again for everything .. yes. i know it my fault ! i told u not to love me so much but u still do it..GUYS, stop loving me. the main point i want to express is, dont love me if i dont love u ..
dont MISINTERPRET wht i am saying. maybe i just like u as my friends. really shit if all guys think im their gf. i am not a bitch ! please ..
i will say the truth if i cnt stand wif u . sorry if i hurt u . but really i cnt alive with someone that think they are too perfect.! K0 TEWK KACAK ! yah... kaka sarawak dh ku t0wk deng ..
t0 my important someone..
dont think i am lying. i tell the truth .. dont love me too much .. i am friendly .. n sometimes i cnt limit myself.. limit means i cnt control myself to go out with my i say , granpa is important person in my life. he is my 2nd 'mom' / my guradian here. he alwys thre for me . even somtimes i will cry bcuz of him =) ..

0k enuf. im really sleepy now.. n i need to rest . tmorow still mny things to do . :) nyte ! :) l0ve ..<3

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