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Saturday, March 17, 2012

appreciate the gift from GOD

my 1 year 9 month anniversary with him, MR. KONTOT aka DINASOUR
thanks God for giving this gift for me.

he might be my friends before and might be annoying person that i ever know
but at last you give me light to accept him and give him chance to win my heart <3
i year being his love is a wonderful moment for me :)

to m dear Mr. Dinasour ,
thanks so much for loving me this much.
you are the 3rd calm person who can stay in my heart after my mom and my dad
i am stubborn girl, freaking annoying
and everything bad is in myself
but you the only one who can be calm with this
i know you are not kind of romantic guy.
but the first present you give me, the cutest teddy
i really appreciate it.
even you can make surprise party for me
i know sometime you feel you can't stand with this
but you still keep trying 
and keep patient
thanks sayang :3

i wish i can connect like this with you everyday :D

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