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Saturday, March 17, 2012


To be someone who always be kind, be good and be perfect is hard
But that always happen to us
We try to make our self perfect as much as we can
It's not easy
Try to duplicate others 
It happen to myself last few years.
but it doesn't work. 
for what am trying to be others but that not my self?

for me, my bad is i don't like to be honest. 
am not honest when people who admire me, like me so much and he don't know am in relationship
holy shit, i can't tell the truth.
i don't like that 'someone' being sad or feel down because of me
but today unfortunately , i need to be honest. 
he need to know everything. 
it's depend onto him whether want to be friends of mine or just forget about it
if 'someone' read this, i am sorry for not telling you the truth when we know each other on that day
it's not my purpose to do so. i afraid of losing something valuable in my life especially friends.

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