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Monday, June 13, 2011


# currently i at kuching now .. enjoying with my family and my beloved nieces .:D huh .. pergai yg bt kt xkring gusi babe .. dis nite i wil talk abt FRIENDSHIP ..yup..wat friendship mean to u ? i jz keep thinking y sum bestfren can b couple even they hv promise it b4 ???? huh ! i cnt be my besfren galfren .u knw y? cuz u oredy close to him as ur besties  n now u wan to cnge to ur boyfie? plizz darl.. trust me it wont be long rltionship . if u r besties, there r no limit betweens u guys.but when couple? hahaha.. u nid to care abt his feeling..especially JEALOUSY.. yes.! dat a must! nowadays guys always jealous even there jz fren, adopted bro n sis or granpa . :D hah ...... guess wat? in my opinion,, jealousy occur here cuz there r 'feeling' between the frendship ..they jz dun wan wat they get, they nid to share .hope u guys cn undstnd well .. aissssssshh =_=  
# im slipy ..:( nid to rest nad get more activity tmorow wif my nieces. hahaa.nyte world! :DD God bless u all. lot of love ..:) 

p/s : i will knock ur head :DD


  1. if u feel jlousy find a way 2 solve it or 2 let it go...wen one gets jlous da ada wil join 2...jst saying :)

  2. but if dat person in high demand and all wil kip jealousy abt it.hw ? :D