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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

friendship to love ?? huh =_=

  • let talk abt frenship.. sum fren u cn make very2 besfren but sum of it juz fren .. and sum of it juz to hv a tittle 'fren' .. haha.. get wat i mean? ex FBooking . hahhaa. u jz click ADD n da other wil click ACCEPT im ryte? hahha .. dat wat i did b4 . hahaha .. to be honest if u admire sum1 , u wil try to get his/her fb ! hahaa.. it sound funny but it rily happen my dear frens .. then u wil hoping dat person wil accept ur fren rq ..:D do u have any experience admire wif sum1 who same faculty or college wif u guys? =) dz make me very intersting talk abt it. yep! mybe it cn me reality if u rily wan dat person who u like,, but sumtime u wil think WAT R U DOING Z RIGHT OR WRONG. mybe for u to be fren cuz u wil think abt pepal surround u ,..XPECIALLY when dat person have ex gal/boy in same college .. well.! we r not perfect and trust me, they ex will feel jeolousy & try to make fools!hahah.. fools? umm.. sumtimes it might work but, DO I LOOK I CARE? HAahahhaa.. u shud remind , U MUST TRY TO GET WAT U WANT IN UR LIFE ~ okiew? 

  • 2nd part i wil tallk abt frenship where it cn turn to love. hah ! it cnt work la.. if u r fren, then better u go wif fren and not more thn dat, cuz u wil b more suffer bcuz of it. LOVE CAN MAKE U BLIND .. CAN MAKE U SUFFER N CAN MAKE U DOWN N NEVER TURN BACK  ! sumtimes iLOVE CAN MAKE UR LIFE PERFECT,, n SWEET ! =D

  • i still curious with one thing .......SHUD YOU COUPLE WITH GAL/GUY WHO BESFREN WIF UR EX ? thnk2~~~~=)

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