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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


corection plix * unpredictable

# just the way u are.. it wil keep me thinking abt sum1.. who dat sum1? well.. let it be secret .. :) let only me knw abt it.. every time i smile, i cry, i nid sum2, SUM1 wil come and try to help me. then wat else? aiyyaa.. so many la ! even juz fren, he sacrifice a lot for me .! yah..even he know u have boyfie =_= thns God he dun mind ..:D i knw he wil read my blog ..( hope so ) . every time we go outing, he wil try to make me smile even je know im not in moddy bcuz of HIM ! hahaha. sumtime i cn label him as my mom.. too protective n control everything abt me. :D btw, thnx ! cuz u made my life better than suffer with those monkeys ! 1 more thing.. he wil never stop appreciate me.. yeah . i mean when im dressing too SIMPLE he wil keep said im beautiful or nice.. HELLO brother sister,,, r u blind ? im UGLY la ! haha.. yep.. cuz sumtime i jz dun care abt pepal when im dressing.. as long i can go out .! hahaha . of course in front of him, i jz pretend. but to be honest, i wil keep thinking of it when im home n in my bed. i wil talk to my KUMA KUMA .! haha.. in da other word, DREAMING ! u owes make my day my fren ~~ my angel fren ..=D