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Sunday, March 25, 2012


that the only word i can said for tonight.
whole day walking here and day to spend my money for clothes :D
i wish i afford to buy all of the clothes.
first we go Midvaley by taxi *actually i hate KTM * RM10.00
not bad .then go round round. we choose FOS ! yeeyy. the most heaven place to shopping.
then we decide to buy shoes for ladies..
too bad Midvaley mall is not suitable for teens like us. it's too CHEAP !
get what i mean?
 after that we make a decision to go Berjaya Times Square that quite far from there.
then took taxi again, RM15. :( need to choose that way c0z KTM is crowded by people.

this is heaven. there, we enter FOS once again and finally Lenny bought her shoes. :)
and me? YES . but not ladies attire. at night, we go Karoeke until 9pm.
but seriously i am full.i mean my stomach. i ate 3 times !
1. blackpepper cuttlefish
2. fish fillet burger with cheese *i don't like cheese
3. ayam penyet !
here some photos we took from this wonderful day, 24/03/2012
me, with FOS :D

lenny, with her pose that can't make me trolling !
this is MINE !! TOTALLY heaven. ahahha..

our shoes.. u will know which is mine :D

new necklace !!!

lennt's items.. not bad as many as mine. ahhaa

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