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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

now I know to follow the RULE !

i can be Rock and i can be Emo but i won't be back stabber . :D

Today is the first day i'm posting in Medical Ward.
It's been quite long am not posting there.
Not bad, a wonderful ward and many procedure I can get.
but the bad is I can't get enough memory to differentiate every CI have different way.
WE are student. Imagine how many term/way we need to remember if all CI have different perception.
Yes, for sure we follow the way lecturer thought in class.
I am not too rude but i just voice out loud my opinion.
Student also have their right to speak. we are human being.

I can follow the rule but please don't get me to confuse.
I hate to be scolded and i hate when people shout at me in public.
I can show my patient in front of you but
for remember, I can revenge everything. 
don't care how much people advice me not to revenge but what i care.
as long as i'm satisfied with what had i done :D 

now, it's time for me to go bed.
Tomorrow may be a 'great' day with 'good' assignment.
Student life is a worth if we can make it lovely.
Be patient and make yourself happy as much as you can.

Even been scold and been ask too much question but i still can laugh.
laugh and make joke with my lovely and funniest babes, Lenny and Deena.

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